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Wood Chip

Quigley Contracting offers wood chip that can be used for various applications e.g. calf bedding, pigs, landscaping and more.

Talk to the team about any other supplements required.

Pig Manure

Pig manure brings with it many benefits such as building up your soil structure, increasing the soils ability to retain moisture and increasing the biology of your soil. When compared to conventional fertilisers, pig manure is a far cheaper option to gain the key nutrients of N, P, K, S, Mg and Ca. We carry out regular tests to make sure that we are delivering a consistent product that contains what we say it does.

What it’s made of
The manure is wheat straw based which has been used for pig bedding. We deliver it directly from the pig pen which is when the nutrient levels are at their highest. We can deliver the product year round and will come and spread it when you require.

When to apply
It is ideal for applying pre cereal crops, winter feed or maize ground and then worked in.

Application rates
We recommend applying pig manure at a rate of 8 – 10T/Ha.

Type of Fert N P K S Mg Ca $/Tonne
*Popular sulphur based fertiliser 10.6 14.8 12.4 7 $787.00 Plus spreading costs
*Popular phosphorus based fertiliser 13.2 15 12.5 0.8 4.4 $1055.00 Plus spreading costs
*Popular nitrogen
based fertiliser
18.6 10.5 11.5 $855.00 Plus spreading costs
Pig Manure 7.50 5.50 8.50 1.59 3.05 6.55 $55.00 Including spreading

*All conventional fertilisers


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