Welcome to Quigley Contracting

Quigley Contracting is based in Mid Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand.

We operate a diverse range of the latest equipment & technology and when this is combined with experienced operators it means Quigley Contracting is able to provide an efficient and hassle free service for farmers allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

Building on our commitment to clients, Quigley Contracting also provides a supplementary feed trading service, providing a hassle free experience for farmers at fair market rates.

All the team at Quigley Contracting are proud to provide a quality service for Mid Canterbury farmers and are committed to continuously improving the range of services and value provided to Mid Canterbury farmers.

Quigley Contracting employs a team of permanent staff all year round and relies on international and local staff for contracting season from the beginning of September to the end of March. Majority of staff come from the UK & Ireland, with plenty of experience and enthusiasm for the industry.

The contracting business is a family owned and operated company that was established in 2003 starting out with only one baler and a manual Vee rake but with a driving philosophy “To provide the best service in Mid Canterbury”.

About us