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Muck & Slurry Spreading

Quigley Contracting offers the latest equipment, full time skilled operators and expert industry knowledge to best understand what’s required to give you the best results.

Muck Spreader
We operate 1 x 16T Muck Spreader used for cattle & pig manure and calf shed cleanings.

Slurry Tanker
We operate 1 x 18000 litre tanker with a 12m Dribble Bar which is used for smaller ponds & wedges etc.

Umbilical Slurry System
Simply used all the time, the most efficient way of moving effluent. We give a fixed $ per cubic metre rate to do your pond and in return you get minimal compaction, minimal traffic on laneways, quality and even spread through our 12m dribble bar. We also provide a proof of placement map with invoices for your records.


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