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Fodder Beet Planting & Harvesting

Fodder Beet Planting

Fodder beet has become a staple food source for wintering cows over Canterbury in the past 10 years. From our experience, over this time the key to achieving high yields starts from the beginning. Correct paddock preparation & quality drilling has led us to currently run four Vaderstad Tempo planters which are producing the best possible results in both planting accuracy and efficiency. Each planter is capable of applying fertiliser down the spout banding it alongside the seed giving the plant the best possible start.

Fodder Beet Harvesting

Lifting Fodder beet efficiently is what we specialise in! We can provide Tractors and Trailers on farm to cart beet off the paddock as well as Truck and Trailers for longer distances. Weights can also be provided.

Call Dean to discuss which harvester best fits your system.

We currently operate the following two machines:

Grimme Rootster

  • 6 row machine which is well proven and suited to Canterbury conditions

Armer Salmon

  • 2 row Top lifting machine which can guarantee zero stones in the beet when harvested.


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